The Living Spirit  Reviews

High Spirit Magazine

Professor Ray J Paul (Brunel University)

Carole Bromley sees and hears ghosts, and has done since childhood. From scared child to confident psychic medium and paranormal researcher, Bromley has had some fascinating experiences with the 'dead'. 'The Living Spirit' is packed full of anecdotes from Bromley's life as she grows into her psychic abilities and learns to work with spirits without fear. If you don't believe in ghosts now, you will after reading this book. Interesting and enthralling, this book is easy to read and hard to put down. By Andy Chrysostomou (High Spirit), Feb, 2010. 
"just wanted to let you know how i got on with the living spirit. Well,do you know i dont think i ever read a book so fast, 6 days was a record for me,i just couldnt put it down from the first moment i started reading it, I enjenjoyed it so much, what a wonderful, inspiring,honest and beautiful book.a fantastic read.i loved it from first page till last, what a fabulous life story"(Maria, Ireland)
"Although I did not know what to make of her skills as a medium, I was sure she had some abilities beyond my comprehension, and since I know that what I do not know far exceeds my little knowledge, she came into the unknown region comfortably for me. We have worked together a little on this) and I expect we will continue to do so". Professor Ray J Paul, Living with Parkinsons Disease: Shake Rattle & Roll

Psychic World

'An interesting read which explores the many highs and low points to being able to communicate with spirits, ghosts and the 'living'. I found the book absorbing, touching and thought-provoking. Psychic World, Samantha V Hutton, June 2012
"I am really impressed with the book you wrote. I find myself looking round to make sure I'm alone. But it takes a very gifted person like yourself to do what you do" (Pauline)
"I have to tell you my friends and I thoroughly enjoyed your book. We all want to know when you are writing your next one Carole" (Ioannis, Greece) 
"After reading The Living Spirit, I was too afraid to turn off the light". (Daryl, Plymouth)