Reiki 1 (Shoden)

Certificate Degree Course

Born 1865 in Taniai, Japan a Japanese priest and founder of Reiki - a worldwide healing system. Usui discovered a healing system in Reiki where therapists could channel healing energy with techniques that were safe, gentle and never intrusive
Reiki One First Degree (Shoden) is a course that is  centred on the self and self-healing. During the course you will receive four Reiju spiritual empowerments  connecting you to the Reiki system.
Through the process of empowerment you will be open to receiving the natural flow of Reiki energy through the hands and channel this energy simply and freely by using the Usui Reiki hand positions. Once empowered to the 1st Degree, you will be able to use Reiki to self-heal, or practice on family and friends.
On full completion of this course students will be able to take away the knowledge of knowing and understanding the Reiki system, the use of energy, how to use energy, and how energy works as a self-healing system and a system that can be used on others.
For any student wishing to learn Reiki One, the offer of continued support and mentoring will be available throughout the training period and after, for as long as it is required.
Mikao Usui Sensei

Reiki 1 Course

Hands on Reiki
Reiki is a healing system that is hands on, yet, not intrusive to your client. It can be used for self-healing or healing on others, on healing pets, places, events, situations, absent healing and more. It is energy that we use with good intention and that sends Reiki.
Qualification - A Personal Achievement


Healing is a passion, its not a skill. No experience necessary as Reiki training will give you the experience you need to set up as Reiki Practitiioner.
Date: Sunday 2nd April 2017​​ 
Time: 9:30am-5:30pm
Price: £80
 including Certificate & Manual
Location: Heathrow Airport
Reiki Friends
To book and pay for a place on this course please complete the registration form by clicking on the link below. 

Payment to be made in full no later than 1st week March

Refunds - please see bottom of page
Your place is not reserved until payment has been received!
Further your career with the NHS who use Reiki Practitioners in hospitals, especially for cancer patients. Here is a job recently advertised:
Complementary Therapist Reiki/Spiritual Healer
Cancer Directorate/Breast Unit - Treating up to 8 patients per week
We are seeking a Reiki Therapist/Spiritual Healer to within the Breast Unit
The therapist will provide Reiki/Spiritual healing to patients to enable them to cope with the emotional, physical and spiritual issues of dealing with their cancer journey.
This Breast Unit is one of the largest breast cancer research facilities north of London. The unit takes holistic approach to patient care.
For this role you will need a National Federation of Spiritual Healers qualification or Reiki Master Usui System qualification.
Reiki II 2017
Information & Registration

REFUNDS - It is with regret that NO refund will be given after 1st March 2017 as printed materials and certificates would be at print

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