Readings are based on ONE PERSON ONLY per sitting. Additionaly charges Of £15 are incurred for ONE other person accompanying the sitter.

Audio and Video taping is not allowed for any reading. However, it is STRONGLY suggested to note take.  Personal readings are at Carole's office by Heathrow. 
Readings are according to UK Law for the purpose of 'entertainment'. However, my belief system, according to my own experiences differs from that of UK Law. 
Book & Pay Psychic & Spiritual Reading
Carole is a Psychic Seer and has the ability to connect to you through psychic energy,  She can see areas of your life where you may want to endorse change through psychic or spiritual guidance, Carole can help you work through issues when you  don't know how. Even though Carole can see things you may feel hard to deal with on a personal level, she is not responsible on how you act on information given. Decision making is an individual choice and free will. Change can only happen if change is allowed to happen. Carole can connect to issues relating to, but not limited to:
  • Your relationship with others
  • Your career
  • Financial issues
  • Advise how to let go of draining matters from the past
  • How to enrich and enlighten your future
  • 30 Minute session

Psychic readings may connect and relate to future events, therefore, information given at the time may not be understood, because it's in the future
30 minutes
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Book & Pay Mediumship Reading
Carole is a seasoned Physical Medium with her own unique style of mediumship. She has the ability to connect with the Spirit World instantly.  Whilst there is never any guarantee or claim that Carole can connect with the spirit of your choice, she will endeavour to explain why a particular spirit will not step forward for you. Each connection and communiction should be respected and valued. All information shared between the spirit world and individuals are a personal experience. You can also expect Carole to offer information she feels would be beneficial to share with you about your life's journey.  Carole can only give information that is available to her through spirit and her guides during the course of a reading. If something isn't there, or an answer your looking for isn't there then it cannot be given. During a reading you can see:

  • Carole physically feeling a spiritual condition
  • How Carole is astonishingly accurate with names and dates, past, present and often into the future
  • What it is like to feel  the love and laughter and shed a few tears of joy (these I call kisses from heaven)
  • How possible it is to feel the memories of someone you loved in your presence

Prices can change without being given prior notification, but always kept at the agreed fee where already booked, or according to website information.
30 minutes
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Book & Pay Psychic Mediumship Reading
As a Psychic Carole  will make a connection with psychic energies to reveal and look at areas of your life 's journey where you may have questions or concerns. As a seasoned Psychic Medium and her own unique style in delivering information, Carole will communicate with a spirit soul who steps forward to bring and share their love and memories.
However, not all souls, or the soul you want to connect to meay step forward. When this happens Carole will endeavour to explain a few reasons why. Each communication with spirit should be treated respectfully and valued.

During this reading you can experience:

  • A psychic connection to reveal information from your past, present and a glimpse into your future 
  • Looking at situations you have not let go of but want to cut cords from
  • Seek a positive direction
  • Connect & communicate with a spirit soul who steps forward into your presence
  • Share love and laughter and many memories and perhaps a few tears as evidence is given of a souls survival
30 minute
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Book & Pay Tarot Reading
Carole is a master tarot reader for over 25 years. She can give an amazing and accurate insight through interpretation of the cards. The energies of the cards can connect to an individuals past, present and reveal energies, forces and influences blocking or opening up your future. Carole can help to create a better future through creating positive change according to the messages from the tarot.

Carole interprets the cards to help:
  • Assess your past and present situations connected to relationships, career, finances, health 
  • Which people in your life influence you most and which people hinder your progress
  • How to balance issues to bring peace and harmony into your life
  • A better way of life by endorsing posiitve energies
  • Cut cords from negative issues tied to the past
  • Discover future changes and their benefits
30 minute
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Payment Methods
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