Carole Bromley & Conjectures

I have expressed my views about Carole before. To deal with ‘scientific’ discussion as an example, it would seem that holders of the latter approach to debunk mediums like Carole because the scientists cannot get evidential recordings of any phenomena, and therefore the latter does not exist. It seems evident to me that most humans have five senses for picking up information. So what we can detect is only what those five senses can detect. If some of us had more senses (joke), then we could presumably pick up more. But this is a conjecture.

It is said that everything the brain does, accounts for a quarter of the volume. Nobody knows what the rest does, but any suggestions at the current time could only be conjectures.
When Carole has a meeting with a ‘believer’, she says a voice tells her things and Carole tries to express what she hears in words. Some of which may appear to be vague, but often relevant!

However, some is not vague at all. Before my father was admitted to hospital in February this year, Carole told my wife that July 17 was an important date for us. We forgot about it, my father got worse, he died in June, there were several delays because the medical certificate was not filled in properly, and my brother came up with July 17 for a date significant to us all.

What does this ‘prove’? Nothing. A lucky hit amongst numerous misses. Luck? As Gary Player replied when a spectator saw him get a hole in one at golf and shouted “Lucky shot”, “Yes, and the more I practice, the luckier I get.” And Carole has a wealth of practice.
Too many dates that like the one Carole gave cannot be known months in advance!

Too much luck! Of course, Carole and others could be tricksters, looking you up behind your back, and surprising you with stuff no one else knows, you think. And since mediums are not often wealthy, they obviously put a lot of effort into organising such charades just for self gratification. Therefore of course they are dishonest too.That’s now a lot of conjectures we have built up.
Do I believe all this stuff? What is there to believe or disbelieve? Carole knows things I do not. She gives information which seems unnervingly accurate. I see her as a good friend. If people want the sort of advice she gives, I would recommend her
If a sceptic sets out to prove she is a fake etc he will in his terms. Since the 20th century (of science?), people are looking for more in life than economic logic, the industrial-military push and pull of our societies, something that transcends mere conjectures. If you are one of these people, Carole is for you. Professor Ray J Paul (Brunel University)
  1. Dr Natasha
    Dr Natasha
    Carole has always strived for success and publishing 'The Living Spirit, One Woman's Battle Amongst Ghosts, Spirits & The Living' was a major achievement. Dr Natasha (Brunel University)
  2. Professor Angell (London School of Economics)
    Professor Angell (London School of Economics)
    'Carole has a wicked sense of humour, a self-deprecating style, and an empathy with her audiences that adds a light touch to her demonstrations, and this sets her apart' (London School of Economics)
  3. Professor Weldon, CBE
    Professor Weldon, CBE
    ​"I found the book fascinating, moving and thought-provoking" Professor Fay Weldon, CBE (Brunel University)
  4. Professor Paul
    Professor Paul
    Let me say right now that Carole is one of the most honest people I have ever met. (Brunel University)