The Living Spirit 'One Woman's Battle Amongst Ghosts, Spirits and The Living'
One day I had a wild dream - I would write a book! I would write about many of my experiences with 'dead people', yet they were far from 'dead' they were very much alive and living with me! I wrote about the afterlife, ghosts, spirits, my sceptic husband, my psychic family, scientific research. I openly told of people's ignorance to those who have a different belief system, and how people like me are treated because of a knowledge of this unfashionable ignorance. My story is the paranormal as I knew it from a child, and as I learnt the lessons as an adult. I am glad I wrote my story, it has helped many, I hope it will help you.

Professor Ray J Paul

"What stories, events, emotions - no fiction can match the story of Carole's sister, the abject fear and terror of her youth, the casual disdain from so called intelligent people, and at the end, having learnt to adjust, managing her talents to the benefit of mankind. If you wish to disbelieve this book, you will succeed. If you have an open mind, this book will make you think. I am still thinking!" Professor Ray J Paul (Brunel University)